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Collaborative network is my tentative working name for a social network that enables and supports productive collaboration and rational decisionmaking.

I'm only at the stage of collecting notes about how this would work, though some of the modules are described at some length in the structural overview.

In addition to having the use of fundamental tools like friend-based policing/credibility, a liquid agenda manager, and the debate mapper, it should be possible to:

  • Require someone to answer one or more questions (e.g. about their positions on certain issues) as a precondition for participating in certain discussions. Their answers should then be public -- or, at the option of the discussion moderator(s), visible only to others in the same discussion. (This helps prevent position dancing.)
  • Ability to post to public in general while excluding specific people from reading or commenting
    • Ability to determine whether readers must be logged in to access a post.