International Citizens' Union

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An International Citizens' Union is one way of describing a possible path to reclaiming society from the forces of psychopathy and authoritarianism.

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Not a New Idea

Similar things have been suggested before, but realistically this couldn't have been done before the internet. It would have been prohibitively expensive to create and maintain the necessary lines of communication.

Even if communication were affordable, it would have been necessary to appoint representatives and officers to "represent" us, and trust that they would not only ask our opinions on matters of significance, but act on those opinions -- an open invitation to be co-opted by powermongers.

Now, we can use software to organize and poll ourselves to find out what we want -- in a matter of seconds or minutes, or in realtime. We can appoint representatives where a smaller number of individuals is needed to communicate in more traditional ways -- and we can yank away their authority the second they misbehave.

Unions Are Evil

Objections to unionization:

  • Unions force people to join them and pay dues in order to stay employed
    • A: This one wouldn't. It would only require you to join if you wanted certain benefits. Funding would be voluntary and based on income.