Stages of change/v1

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  1. vision: there is consensus about one or more social goals
  2. logistics: there is a plan for achieving a subset of those goals, given adequate resources
    • the plan will need to specify what resources are needed and what actions should be taken
    • for example, "here is a law we could pass, if enough Congress members would vote for it"
  3. commitment: a number of people agree to commit effort towards implementing the plan
  4. provisioning: those who would implement the plan obtain the resources to do so
    • ...either by convincing those in power to implement it, or by a change in regime, or by some intermediate method (e.g. electing people who favor the plan, or gathering resources by some other means)
  5. implementation: the plan is implemented
  6. survival: the plan must survive attempts to subvert or reverse it

"Consensus" in this context means that a majority find something desirable and nobody has any reasonable objections to it.