US House of Commons

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It has been clear for some time now that the US Congress increasingly represents the interests of the plutonomy; it's very rare to see public outcry have any significant effect on legislation that the plutocrats have decided they want.

Congress has therefore become, in essence, the US House of Lords.

Given this, it seems obvious that there needs to be a House of Commons to counteract this extreme concentration of power.

Furthermore, it seems very unlikely that Congress would be willing to create its own competition. It is therefore up to "we the people" to do this ourselves, using the latent power of the internet to self-organize in ways that let us create meaningful resistance and pressure against the control of the plutocrats.

They have centuries of experience in controlling us, but the internet lets us collaborate to find the weaknesses in their systems of control.

InstaGov is one project for creating the tools to collaborate more effectively in regaining control of our lives and our government.