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My main home page is


From here, for a potential Quick Intro to Liquid Agenda:

What I'd like to see as far as polling is a tool that:

  1. is persistent -- lets users see all the polls they've been offered, optionally filterable by "already responded" and "not responded yet" (to make it easier to respond when you have time)
  2. allows pollers to see at least what percentage of the group has responded
  3. allows some mechanism whereby users can escalate a poll -- decide that a poll is really important and should be seen (and voted on) by more people
  4. is searchable and cross-linkable -- I should be able to search for pre-existing polls that might be on the same topic I want to poll about, and other users should be able to note that Poll X is basically the same as Poll Y (so perhaps they should be merged), or similar to Poll Z (so if X is interesting to you, you might want to vote on Z as well).

We've been using toys that sound a lot like the tools we need, but they're really only toys... and when someone has only ever seen a hammer in toy-form, it may be difficult to convince them the real tool it represents could actually build things.