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First: If you want to edit or create a page and aren't sure whether it's appropriate, you can do either of the following:

  • suggest the change on the "forum" for that page (see tab at top left)
  • create the page as a sub-page of your user page (see link at top right for your user page)
    • You can do this by putting a subpage link, e.g. [[/name of page]], on your user page
  • copy the page's contents to a sub-page of your user page and make your edits there.

...but it's also okay to just make changes; if they turn out to be a problem, we can always revert them. (MediaWiki is handy that way.)

Our user base is very small right now, so feel free to contact me directly with questions or to review your edits.

For help on editing in general, see the MediaWiki site.