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InstaGov is a set of tools for instant self-governance via computer network. It is currently under development. It will be open-source and distributed/federated.


  • to invent functional and productive techniques of stateless (non-hierarchical) democratic self-governance
  • to test and demonstrate these techniques starting on a small scale and working progressively upward
  • to watch for exploit holes and "gaming" of these implementations, and work out ways to defeat these while they are still small
  • to eventually make traditional government both unnecessary and irrelevant

In order to work towards these goals, it is necessary to better understand the mechanics of power.

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Related Projects

proprietary / centralized

  • Deliberator: very similar to Liquid Agenda, but more heavily moderated and produced
  • Kialo: similar to debate mapper
  • Loomio: "a user-friendly tool for group decision-making. Creating a world where it’s easy for anyone to participate in decisions that affect them." Subscription is pay-what-you-like; looks like interaction may be limited to "groups".
  • Participedia "open global knowledge community for researchers and practitioners in the field of democratic innovation and public engagement."
  • PopVox (Google+): tell US Congress your opinion of bills
  • WikiVote "Russian non-governmental organization which goal is to develop effective means of citizens’ participation in lawmaking and strategic planning"
  • The Spark "Users post and vote on PROBLEMS that we face as a global community. The most popular problems are voted to the top. Users then post and vote on SOLUTIONS so that the community can take ACTION." - sounds similar to liquid agenda